"Has a Girl Ever Told You..."

"I love you as a friend."
"You are such a nice guy."
"I like you, but not like that..."

OUCH!!! Remember? How did that feel? Let me translate what she really meant:

"You can buy me things and put up with all my bullshit. But you aren't getting laid!"

Did your CRUSH put you in her "FRIENDS ZONE"? What a bummer! Does it feel like a knife slowly going thru your heart? It's not easy to make her change her emotions and become sexually attracted to you.

But you want more! You always imagined what it would feel like to kiss her lips, caress her bare breasts and hear her moan and climax while you make love to her. Too bad you are sitting in her "Just Friends" box. But YOU CAN break out of her "friend's zone" and become her boyfriend. It's not easy but it's possible. It happens every day to many people.

Read this site in detail and discover an amazing stealth technique that can HELP YOU SPARK UP THE FIRE WITH THE WOMAN YOU DESIRE.

Seduction Waves CD
This CD contains subliminal messages hidden in 10 beautiful instrumental songs.
Play it for her and she'll build BURNING SEXUAL DESIRE for YOU!

Can Hypnotic Words Hidden Under Music
Build Her Desire For YOU?

Simply play this CD in the background while you're talking to the girl you desire.
She only notices music but she's being subliminally programmed to sexually desire you. Gradually building HER BURNING PASSION FOR YOU!

The next time you meet with your special female friend play the CD and soon you will see amazing changes in her behavior towards you.

  "i knew gabriella for over a year. we were always hanging out in a group but i wanted more but she always was avoiding talking about this. last monday we were chillin and the cd was playing. next day i was like WOW! she showed up by my door bringing my favorite chocolates! finaly after a year of giving me blue balls your cd broke the curse! we did it on my couch !!! HOWARD U DA MAN!
Jose, CA

How Does It Work?

Sexual messages are stealthily delivered to her brain using cutting-edge subliminal techniques. They bypass the thinking (conscious) mind and make direct imprint on the part of brain that control emotions (subconscious mind).

Hypnotic messages on this CD consist of
  • Repeated Statements - building her sexual desire for you.
  • Sounds of Lovemaking - sexually exciting her.
  • Powerful Sexual Commands - motivating her to take action!

Research shows that men are sexually stimulated mostly by visual images. On the other hand female sexual hunger is fueled by mental images. Subliminal messages on this CD paint vivid sexual images of both of you in her subconscious mind.

A woman hearing this music while interacting with you will become sexually drawn towards you.

Subliminal messages are making sexual imprints on her subconscious mind while
beautiful music stimulates release of Dopamine - hormone that cause happiness.

This CD has been developed by subliminal expert Howard Stanley. The same methods we used have been researched by CIA and the U.S. military since 1970's. They are used by many Olympic medalists to gain an edge and achieve the impossible. Motivational speaker Tony Robbins is successfully using them to help improve the lives of millions.

On January 29, 1974 The Federal Communications Commission issued a regulation that prevents all radio and TV stations from using subliminal advertising. The regulation states that subliminal techniques can be misused for mass brain-washing.

Now You Can Harness The Subliminal Power to Seduce Women!


Spectrogram shows subliminal sexual message
delivered on a carrier wave of 16.5kHz

What Can You Realistically Expect?


Prevent a girl from putting you in her "just friends" zone!


She will start thinking about you as boyfriend material!


She will start having sexual dreams about you!


She will feel happy and relaxed around you!


Creates a perfect environment for your first move!


Finally turn your female crush into your girlfriend!

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Can She Hear The Sexual Messages?

All the subliminal techniques used on this CD use silent methods of delivery. That means she cannot tell what the message says. What she hears is beautiful music. However the stealthy seduction sound waves are present either on higher frequencies or are mixed into the music. They do vibrate the ear drum and travel to the brain. The messages bypass her conscious (thinking) mind and make direct impact on the subconscious mind (feelings and emotions).

This technique has been proven to be very effective in altering the subconscious mind and helping millions of people to become more stress free, confident and successful. Now you can take advantage of subliminal power and seduce women!

How Long Does She Have to Listen to this CD?

She doesn't have to actively listen. It's enough that she hears it while she's focused on you.

It's important that she talks to you while the CD is playing.

Many girls will start to responds after 15-20 minutes, but every woman is different and respond differently. Some women may become aroused, some become romantic with you while other girls will need more time and repetition to build sexual desire.

Some women may start to appear confused. It is because they are starting to have romantic feelings towards you, but their conscious minds are telling them a different story.

If she acts confused, it's good news, it's working! But she will need repetitive exposure. Also you need to gradually adjust your behavior to match her internal feelings. You may want to start flirting and teasing her. GRADUALLY make the transition from a friend to her boyfriend.

Will This CD Turn Any Girl Into Sex Starved Nympho?

You wish! Sorry but it's not gonna happen that easy. What you can realistically expect is a shift in the way she thinks and feels about you.

For example: let's say that this is the way she thinks about you now:
"He is a friend of mine, I like him, he's a nice guy, but I'd never sleep with him!"

Use this subliminal CD and you may change it to something like:
"He is a special guy. I feel happy around him. I wish he'd make a move on me!"

  "I went to my friend's birthday I knew she'd be there. I brought my SW CD, sneaked it in the CD player and went to talk to my secret crush girl. We had a drink and had incredible evening. I give credit to the CD because I talked to her before and she was being very cold to me. I think the CD must have changed something. Thanks a lot. I love the song BREATHE!"  
Mark L., CA

Is it Ethical to Play this CD to a Women without Her Knowledge?

Hypnotic messages hidden in this CD are safe and are not designed to alter women's moral code. A girl exposed to the messages will not do anything against her will or moral code. Yet at the same time, she will start to feel sexual chemistry with you.

Please use this CD only for improving your relationship status. More receptive and sensitive girls could become emotionally attached to you. Please do not buy this CD if you intend to use it for taking sexual advantage of girls or to revenge your broken heart. By using this CD you're assuming FULL RESPONSIBILITY and consequences for your actions.

  "Dear Howard,
I bought seduction waves out of curiosity, I like to try new things and see if it could bring some fire to my marige. I must say me and my wife absolutly love the songs!!! Our relationship has improved and we have sex more often.

Please let me know if you're planning to make more CDs like this, I'd like to buy them."

Brian S., MA

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What Kind of Music is This?

Play this CD and your room will be filled with beautiful melodic instrumental music. It features electronic and acoustic instruments. It's a mix of new age, pop with a pinch of hip-hop. The music is relaxing, positive and uplifting. When you play this CD you'll feel like you're chilling in a laid-back lounge with dimmed lights and candles, surrounded by your best friends.

All songs were analyzed and carefully selected to maximize their subliminal effect. This kind of music is proven to stimulate uplifting emotions and release dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the hormone linked to reward and happiness.

Seduction Waves CD
SEDUCTION WAVES CD contains hypnotic messages
hidden in 10 beautiful instrumental songs.
Play it for her and she'll build BURNING SEXUAL DESIRE for YOU!

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For a price of cheap meal, you can put this CD to work, potentially ALTERING THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE. If you are still skeptical, I understand I am cautious person too. But I love trying new things, and I hope you do too. Let me assure you that you have absolutely nothing to lose.

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Thank you for visiting my site today.
Warm wishes,

Howard Stanley
Subliminal Audiophile - Author of Seduction Waves

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